Stem Cell Rejuventation

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Our physician has been trained in stem cell therapy and offers both the (PRP) injections using bone marrow and adipose fat Plasma and the Umbilical Cord blood /tissue derived from an infant.. Stem cell injections using PRP compared to umbilical cord blood/ plasma are affective but not as affective as the umbilical cord stem cell.  PRP derived from you contains about 2 million cells per 1cc, and are the same age as you are while umbilical cord blood derived from a new born infant (zero age) contain at least 10 million stem cells per 1cc regulated monthly by the FDA.

There has been roughly about 11,000 injections done using umbilical cord cells to heal a torn rotator cuff, torn muscles, ligament, and tendon tears,  helping to quickly heal the Fibrous tissue that attaches muscle to bone, with every procedure being a complete success. Not only completely healing the patient but in half the time as PRP.

Both the PRP and umbilical stem cell injections are available. Please contact us for pricing.