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At Lee County Medical center we strive to provide a safe, affordable, and convenient way to lose weight without going to the gym. We understand busy schedules that is why we will design a program specifically for you that fits your lifestyle and specific needs in order to reach your goals. We call this weight loss program “A Better You” weight loss.

How it works, You come into the office or call us and book an appointment. At your scheduled visit you and the Doctor will sit down and design a weight loss program that fits your lifestyle and specific needs.

At a “A Better You” weight loss our goal is to design a plan for you that will improve your quality of life by helping you reach your goals by providing an effective, safe, and affordable program that is free from side effects.

A.T.W Simeons in the late 1950’s, A British Endocrinologist, discovered what HCG would do to fight obesity. A.T.W Simeons realized that the women in India that were extremely malnourished were still able to have healthy babies.

Doctor Simeons studied the benefits of HCG and discovered that HCG (Human Chronic Gonadatropin) influences the hypothalamus gland within the brain and HCG is released during pregnancy in order to use up the bodies fat reserves to produce a healthy baby without having any affect on the bodies muscle tissue.

Many people have tried various diets with little or no outcome. the reality is , either you weren’t doing it right or it wasn’t the right diet for you. The HCG “A Better You” weight loss program has many benefits that other diet plans don’t. We must first recognize the cause of the over weight or obesity which could be low metabolism, intense hunger, emotional or binge eating and attack it at the source.

The HCG diet program along with fat burners will produce results like you have never seen and if you have you wouldn’t be looking for a weight loss remedy. There is no guarantee how much weight you lose , but we have many people that have done the HCG diet program and stuck to their chosen diet plan and lost a pound or more per day without exercise.

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